Deploy the Scribe app through Google Workspace

Scribe is connected to the Google G-Suite API meaning every action you are doing on Scribe (update signature etc ...) is automatically sync with your G-suite email address. Everything is automatically updated in real-time.

Step 1

Create a department and click on "Sync co-workers from Google Workspace". You can also go to your Scribe settings then click on the tab email provider to directly connect your Google workspace account to Scribe.

Step 2

Follow the instruction and install Scribe from the Google Workspace marketplace:

Step 3

Done! Once you installed the Scribe app from the Google Workspace marketplace your co-workers are automatically imported to Scribe.

Finish creating your department then install the signatures in one click across your Gmail co-workers once you feel ready by clicking on "Install all signatures".

Using Google Workspace but sending emails with Outlook?

Go to your Scribe settings then click on the Scribe app tab to download the Scribe app for Outlook. This will allow you to use your Scribe signature in Outlook.

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