The SalesLoft Integration allows each of your sales team members to choose the Scribe signatures you created for them directly in their SalesLoft signature editor. Go through the following steps to add the integration:

Step 1: Go to Settings within your Salesloft instance.

Step 2: Within the Settings sidebar, choose “Integrations” from within the Administration section.

Step 3: Switch the Scribe toggle from OFF to ON.

Note: You will need to be an Admin in your Scribe Workspace to enable the Scribe integration.

Step 4: Log in to your scribe account

Step 5: Authorize the Scribe Salesloft integration.

You have successfully enabled the Scribe and Salesloft integration.

Step 6: Open the Scribe integration from the Salesloft editor

Step 7: Select your signature and click "Insert signature"

Step 8: You are done, your signature has been successfully inserted

Keep in mind that each time you push an update from Scribe then your SDR will have to go to their SalesLoft settings to insert the signature again. As the SalesLoft API doesn't provide this option yet.

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