The Okta integration allow you to automatically sync your Okta user profile with your Scribe co-workers.

Create an App integration in your Okta account

1 - Go to your Okta account admin and open the Menu Applications > Applications

2 - Click on "Create App Integration"

3 - Select OIDC - OpenID Connect and Single-Page Application then click Next

4. In the General Settings section, give a name to your application and activate the Refresh Token option.

5. In the Sign-in redirect URIs section, enter the following value:

6. In the Assignments section, select "Allow everyone in your organization to access" options then click Save

7. Copy and paste the Client Id and the Okta Domain in Scribe.

8. Click next in Scribe and login to your Okta account

9. You are done. You can now select Okta as an attribute data source in Scribe

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