Gradual Pricing

The price per user decreases with volume starting from the next package. For example, the first 99 users cost $2 and users above that package cost $1.60, and so on.

Only pay for users with signatures

1 paid user = 1 user that you assigned to your department to get a signature.

Always pay the right price

Your invoice is automatically updated when you add or delete users from your departments at the pro-rata of time they used Scribe.

Flexibility between user package

For more flexibility, when you reach your package limit additional users are charged per unit until the next package.

Yearly plan billing

For the yearly plan, extra users added to your initial user package are billed each month.


Our monthly and yearly plans are not refundable.

Cancel Anytime

Cancel your monthly or yearly subscription anytime from your Scribe settings.


We support Non-Profit around the world with a lifetime discount of 20% on all our plans. Send us a message in the chat to claim your discount code.

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