The Workspace feature allows you to manage several email providers and domains in one Scribe account. Usually, this feature is for the following use cases:

  • You are an agency that manages several clients' email signatures. In this case, you can have one workspace per client. Each workspace is connected with the email provider of your client.

  • You are a company managing several brands or entities with different email providers.

  • You are a solo entrepreneur managing different brands or businesses.

  1. To create a new workspace click on the "+" icon in the blue bar

2. Choose between Solo user or Company

3. If you need a signature for yourself in this workspace select Yes if you are just managing other people signatures then select No

Done! Your new workspace has been created and added to your menu bar.

Subscription between workspace

If you already have a subscription active in your first workspace, Scribe will ask you if you want to split your existing subscription with your new workspace or start a new subscription.

You can split one subscription with several workspaces to have one invoice or one subscription per workspace with each its own invoice.

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