How can I auto-fill my teammates' email signature information?

To save you a lot of time and avoid asking your teammates for input when creating their signatures, we've introduced what we call attributes.

Attributes help auto-fill your teammates' signature information using either external or internal data sources.

External sources

An attribute is orange when the data comes from an external source.

Your teammates' signature information is auto-filled from this source. If any information is missing, you'll need to update it directly at that source.

You can sync the following platforms with Scribe as external data sources to auto-fill your teammates' signatures:

  • Bamboo HR

  • Okta

  • Rippling

  • Payfit

  • HiBob

  • Pingboard

  • Outreach

  • Charthop

  • Calendly

If a platform you would like to use is missing, send us a message through our chat to see if we can integrate it.

Internal source

An attribute is grey when it uses Scribe as its data source.

You'll need to manually enter your teammates' information on their profile page or upload a CSV to complete their signatures.

How does it work?

Rest assured, Scribe is SOC2 Type II compliant, ensuring the safety of your data.

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