Do my teammates have to be involved to install their email signature?

Scribe eliminates the manual tasks associated with installing email signatures, taking them off your teammates' to-do lists. In essence, they might not even be aware Scribe is being used. No action is required on their end, saving you considerable time and avoiding unnecessary headaches.


  1. Designing signatures internally.

  2. Coding the design in HTML.

  3. Sending a tutorial to all your teammates to explain to them how to install the HTML of their new email signatures in their email client settings.

  4. Wasting time following up to ensure the action has been completed.

  5. No method to verify who has or hasn't installed their signatures.


  1. Marketing and IT centrally manage email signatures on the Scribe platform.

  2. You can install and update email signatures with one click across your team.

  3. Team members remain unaware of Scribe's existence. No actions are needed on their part. As simple as that.

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