Microsoft 365 (Windows, Mac, Web)

Install your signatures from Scribe to your Microsoft 365 account in one click.

✅ One click install from Scribe.

✅ No need to copy-paste HTML.

✅ You only have to install the integration once.

✅ No action is needed from your teammates.

✅ Updates to your Scribe template automatically update team signatures.

✅ Signatures get automatically installed on the Outlook mobile app (IOS/Android)

  • You have to be connected as a Microsoft 365 Global Administrator to install the Scribe Outlook Add-in.

  • This integration works for Microsoft 365 users with licenses, not personal Outlook accounts.

  • This integration will install your Scribe signature on the Microsoft 365 PC and Apple desktop apps, as well as on the Microsoft 365 web version.

  • For an automated installation, Scribe ensures 24/7 brand consistency. This is achieved by Scribe continuously comparing teammates' signatures to the approved Scribe design. If discrepancies are detected, Scribe automatically triggers a reinstallation of the correct signature design.

  • When you move a teammate in your Google Workspace to another group it automatically moves it to the appropriate Scribe department.

  • When you deactivate a license for a user in your email provider, the user's signature will be removed from Scribe as well as from your subscription.

How does it work?

1. Install Scribe Add-in

Click on the button below and install the Scribe Add-in from Microsoft App Source.

2. Select the correct account

You will be redirected to the Addin installation in your Microsoft 365 admin.If you are redirected to your Outlook Inbox, you are not connected as a global administrator. In that case, the add-in will not work properly.

3. Select "Entire organization"

Choose the users for whom you want to deploy the add-in then click Next. We advise you to select "Entire organization" except if you want to test on a small batch of users first.

4. Accept permissions

Click on Accept permissions and accept the permissions in the opened popup.

5. Click on Finish deployment

The add-in will now be deployed in your O365 account and across all the Outlook of your users. Note: According to Microsoft, it can take up to six hours for the app to appear in Outlook. In practice, it's less than 30 minutes.

6. Wait for Microsoft installation validation

Upon completion, a confirmation email will be sent and the one-click installation button will be activated in your Scribe department tab.


If the Scribe add-in isn't validated within 24 hours by Microsoft

  • Ensure it's installed as an integrated app in the Microsoft 365 admin center, not just in your Outlook account. Ask your IT department if necessary.

  • Test by selecting "entire organization" at step 3 if you didn't the first time.

7. Install your Scribe signatures

Once the installation of your add-in is validated go to your departments and click the 'Install signature' button. You can install signatures for your entire department or each department individually with just one click. Whenever you modify your signature templates, your Scribe signatures will be automatically updated.


Not working? Check your Outlook compatibility below.

The user requires an active Microsoft 365 subscription that includes Outlook Desktop. The Scribe Outlook add-in is compatible with the following Outlook versions:

On Windows
  • For users on the current channel: v16.0.14026.20000

  • For users on the monthly channel: v16.0.14131.20000

  • For users on the semi-annual channel: v16.0.14326.10000

Where to find your Office 365 update channel?

In Outlook desktop, click on File → Office Account. In the "About Outlook" section, you'll see your update channel.

Where to find the version of your Outlook on Windows?

In Outlook desktop, navigate to File → Office Account → About Outlook. A window will open displaying your Outlook version.

On MacOS

The Outlook add-in is compatible only with the new version of Outlook for Mac V16.54 (21101001) and later versions.

How to activate the new version of Outlook for Mac?

Activate the new Outlook version using the toggle at the top right. Click on "Open the new Outlook", and Outlook will restart using the new version.

How to determine the version of your Outlook for Mac?

Click on the Outlook menu at the top left, then select "About Outlook"

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