Scribe for Marketers

With Scribe easily create modern email signatures that your team will love.

Our editor is built so you can customize your signature to perfectly align with your brand's messaging and aesthetics.

The best? You don’t need to know how to design or code. It's that easy.

When you’re done, Scribe brings you 100% automation for centrally managing the installation and updates of your team's email signatures.

1 or 1000+ email signatures?

Install them in one click across your team’s email clients. Zero actions are needed from your teammates. They won’t even know Scribe exists.

Once you have that layer of automation running, you're just one click away from updating your team's email signatures.

It becomes effortless to unlock free ad impressions in every email sent by your team. Indeed, your Scribe signatures serve as a built-in marketing channel that you can tap into to promote your brand and products without any extra costs.

Multiply that leverage by the number of your teammates.

Imagine the audience you could reach. Actually, you don't need to imagine—just look at the data.

Scribe's analytics provide the conversion rate for each marketing element within your signatures.

Become data-driven and iterate quickly by deploying new calls-to-action and promotional banners across your team's email signatures with just one click.

Scribe users achieve an average 14% click-through rate. You can do too.

Want to go further?

Schedule multiple marketing campaigns simultaneously across different time zones to automatically update your team's email signatures when you launch a new product, host a webinar, or promote an event.

No more outdated information across your organization's signatures. Signatures automatically revert to their initial state once a campaign is over.

We know you’re busy so we designed Scribe not to compete with the rest of your to-do list. It takes less than 15 minutes from creating an account on Scribe to installing your new branded email signatures across your company.

It's that simple.

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