Can I sync my existing Groups, Administrative Units, or Teammates from my Microsoft AD

Yes, to save you time, you can synchronize the organizational structure of your Microsoft Azure Active Directory with the Departments section in Scribe. This means you won’t have to recreate it from scratch.

If you wish to initially test Scribe, you have the option to select specific groups or units to sync. Later, you can import the rest.

If you choose not to sync all your teammates in your initial synchronization with Scribe, you'll still have the option to request Scribe to sync all future Groups or Administrative Units added to your Microsoft Azure Active Directory, along with their associated teammates.

If you don’t have existing Groups or Administrative Units in your Microsoft AD, you can create departments directly in Scribe and then assign teammates from your Microsoft Azure Active Directory to them.

Be assured, Scribe is SOC 2 Type II compliant, ensuring your data's safety 🔒.

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