Outlook Windows/Mac/Apple Mail - Microsoft endpoint manager

For IT team already using Microsoft Endpoint Manager to deploy apps in one click across devices of their organization. Compatible with Windows and Mac.

✅ One click install from Scribe.

✅ No need to copy-paste HTML.

✅ You only have to install the Scribe app across all your teammate's devices once.

✅ No action is needed from your teammates.

✅ Updates to your Scribe template automatically update team signatures.

This integration is only required for users who don't have a Microsoft 365 license. If you do, use our Microsoft 365 integration to install your Scribe signatures on Outlook for Windows. To deploy the Scribe app to your team centrally see our dedicated article.

Once you installed the Scribe app across your co-worker's devices using Microsoft Endpoint Manager, your co-workers are automatically logged in to the Scribe app, and their signatures are installed in their Outlook email client. No action is required on their side to install the signature. You control the whole process.

How does it work?

1. Deploy your domain token in your computer's registry (Windows only)

Domain auto-login is working with Scribe app v1.5.3 and above.

You have to deploy a registry key on each computer. The key name is DomainToken

The key should be at HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Policies\Scribe\Config The key value should be your domain token. You can find your domain token in your Scribe integration settings. Example of the key in Windows registry

How to find your domain token

2. Create a new application in Microsoft Endpoint Manager

For Windows

In other, Select Windows app (Win32) and click select.

Upload the .intunewin file you've downloaded here. and click next.

For Mac

In other, Select Line-of-business app and click select.

Upload the .intunemac file you've downloaded here and click next.

3. Fill in the Publisher with "Scribe" (Windows/Mac)

4. Fill in the install command field (Window only)

Fill in the install command field with Scribe-Setup-X.X.X.exe /S - Replace X.X.X with the version you downloaded.

Fill in the uninstall command field with C:\Program Files\Scribe\Uninstall Scribe.exe /S

Select "System" as the install behavior.

5. Fill in fields as needed in your company (Window only)

6. Add a file detection rule (Windows only)

Fill in the path with C:\Program Files\Scribe

Fill in the File or folder with "Scribe"

Select "File or folder exists" as a Detection method.

7 Dependencies (Windows only)

8. Supersedence (Windows only)

9. Select the Users and/or Groups for which the Scribe app will be installed. (Windows and Mac)

10. Review your configuration and deploy your application (Windows and Mac)

Review your configuration and deploy your application. Your co-workers will be automatically logged in to the Scribe app and their signature installed in their Outlook app. Nothing to do on their side.

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