Scribe for IT

Scribe saves you the time you don't have for developing and maintaining an in-house solution to centrally manage your company's email signatures.

We know you're busy, so we designed Scribe not to compete with the rest of your to-do list. To get Scribe up and running, you only need to complete 3 short tasks:

In 10 minutes: 1. Sync your email provider to import your teammates.

2. Auto-fill the personal information in their signatures by syncing data from external sources.

3. Install the cloud-based Scribe add-on to deploy signatures across your teammates' email clients with one click. Thanks to the Scribe user-friendly interface, you can be confident that the Marketing team will be able to use Scribe without further intervention from your department once the quick initial setup is complete. On top of that Scribe is SOC 2 type II and GDPR compliant, so you can rest assured your data is protected.

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