Which fonts can I use in my Scribe email signature?

Unfortunately, custom fonts and Google fonts are not universally supported by all email clients. Email clients handle content differently than web browsers. While web browsers have evolved to support a wide range of fonts and can access and render various web fonts, email clients are more restrictive. Their primary function is to ensure the secure and consistent delivery of emails, often prioritizing this over aesthetic customization. Many email clients, especially older versions, are limited in their font support. They often rely on a set of standard, web-safe fonts to ensure that emails are displayed consistently across all recipients' inboxes. When an email client encounters a font in an email that it doesn't support, it defaults to a generic, supported font, which can alter the intended design and appearance of the email. For email signatures, it's important to prioritize consistent display across various email clients. That's why we decided to use web-safe fonts in Scribe signatures. These fonts are widely supported across almost all email clients and platforms, ensuring that your signature maintains its intended look, regardless of where it's viewed.

Scribe supports the following fonts

  • Helvetica

  • Arial

  • Arial Narrow

  • Tahoma

  • Georgia

  • Times

  • Garamond

  • Verdana

  • Lucida

  • Trebuchet

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