Outlook Web (user without M365 licence)

  • Manual install in your email client settings by copy-pasting HTML.

  • Each of your teammates has to be invited in Scribe to copy-paste their signature HTML.

  • Each of your teammates has to install the signature manually in their email clients.

  • Updates in your Scribe template won't be updated in team signatures.

This integration is only required for users who don't have a Microsoft 365 license. If you do, use our Microsoft 365 integration to install your Scribe signatures on Outlook for Windows. To deploy the Scribe app to your team centrally see our dedicated article.

How does it work?

1. Copy the HTML code of your Scribe signature

Click on the "Copy HTML" button then select "Copy signature HTML for Outlook Web"

2. Go to your Outlook Web settings

In your Outlook Web, click on the wheel icon in the top right corner.

3. Paste the HTML code

In your Outlook Web settings, got to "Email" then "Compose and reply" and paste your signature in the area.

4. Select signature and save your changes

Select the signature as the default signature and click on "Save".

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