Can I add a 'book a demo' call to action for my Sales team email signatures?

Yes, with Scribe, you can easily add buttons to your signatures. You have the flexibility to style the button, name it as you wish, and associate a link to direct traffic to a dedicated landing page.

For a Sales team, it's highly effective to include a call to action labeled "book a demo" in their email signatures. You can link this call to action to their sales calendar, like Calendly, allowing leads to directly book a demo with them via their signatures.

To automatically assign the correct calendar link to each sales team member, create a custom attribute in Scribe.

Attributes in Scribe allow you to save time by auto-filling signature information using external data sources. This saves you from having to ask each of your teammates to do it manually.

According to our data, sales teams from our client portfolio have seen up to a 50% Click Through Rate on their "book a demo" call to action. The sales team at Scribe observed that leads who receive our cold emails and are interested in our proposition often book a demo directly through our signatures without even replying. Scribe integrates with Salesforce, SalesLoft, and Outreach, allowing you to install your sales team's email signatures directly within these tools.

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