How the Scribe analytics works?

With Scribe's automation setup, you can effortlessly turn the hundreds of daily emails sent by your team into a potent marketing channel using Scribe email signatures.

This new layer of automation puts you just a click away from updating your team's email signatures with new calls to action or promotional banners. Then, utilize Scribe analytics to evaluate the conversion rate and swiftly adjust your strategy.

Always remember, that now you're just one click away.

Please note that after creating your Scribe account, it may take up to 2 hours before data appears in your Scribe analytics dashboard. Additionally, Scribe doesn't include your clicks on your signature in the analytics.

For each email signature, Scribe Analytics will provide the following metrics

  • Number of views

  • Number of clicks

  • Click Through Rate (CTR%)

  • Best-performing element of your signatures

  • Most engaged country with your content

  • Teammates with the highest click-through rate (CTR%)

  • Marketing campaign performance

Depending on your plan, your data retention will be as follows

  • Free plan → 30 days

  • Plus plan → 6 months

  • Business plan → 1 year

  • Entreprise plan → 1 year

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