Install your signatures from Scribe to your Front account in one click.

✅ One click install from Scribe.

✅ No need to copy-paste HTML.

✅ You only have to install the integration once.

✅ No action is needed from your teammates.

✅ Updates to your Scribe template automatically update team signatures.

For an automated installation, Scribe ensures 24/7 brand consistency. This is achieved by Scribe continuously comparing teammates' signatures to the approved Scribe design. If discrepancies are detected, Scribe automatically triggers a reinstallation of the correct signature design.

How does it work?

1. Activate Salesforce integration

Go to Scribe and click on the "Activate Salesforce installation" button

2. Install your Scribe signatures

Once the installation of your add-in is validated go to your departments and click the 'Install signature' button. You can install signatures for your entire department or each department individually with just one click. Whenever you modify your signature templates, your Scribe signatures will be automatically updated.

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