Microsoft Azur Active Directory

The Microsoft Azur Active Directory integration allows you to automatically sync your Microsoft AD Groups, Administrative Units, and teammates with Scribe.

Why sync my Microsoft Azur AD with Scribe?

  • You save time because you don't have to add your teammates manually.

  • You save time since your teammates' data is synced with Scribe. This allows you to auto-fill their signature information using our attribute feature.

  • You save time as your teammates are synchronized with Scribe. Any changes in your Microsoft AD, such as moving teammates from one group to another or updating their information (e.g., job position), will be automatically reflected in Scribe without any input on your part.

Scribe is SOC2 Type II compliant. You can find the scopes that we are using from the Microsoft 365 here. We can't send or read your emails.

How does it work?

To enable one-click synchronization, you must grant Scribe permission to connect with your email provider. You need to be a Super Admin of your email provider to provide these permissions.

How can I verify if I’m a Super admin of my email provider?

Go to the Microsoft App Source marketplace. It’ll open a new page where you can install the Scribe app. Look at the top right button. If you see a clickable blue button that says “Install”, you are a Super admin. Congrats - you can synchronize your teammates!

If you see a grey “Install” button that you can’t click, you might not be a Super Admin. Invite a Super Admin to synchronize your teammates. You can also send them the link to the Microsoft App Source marketplace directly to install the Scribe add-in. They don't have to be invited on Scribe.

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