Why email signatures?

On average company sends 1 million emails annually for every 100 employees.

That's a lot of interaction with your brand image and as many opportunities to promote it. However, due to manual tasks, your teammates have self-made, off-brand, or outdated email signatures. As a result, hundreds of emails sent harm your brand image daily. Worse, you miss the potential to turn each signature into a marketing channel.

That's where we come in. Scribe makes managing your email signatures fast and simple.

Easily maintain brand consistency across your team email signatures while unlocking a new marketing channel. Data from our customers shows that an employee at a company sends an average of 39 emails per day. For a company with 100 employees, this totals 82,900 emails sent per month. With an average click-through rate of 14% on the marketing elements embedded in email signatures, such as calls to action and promotional banners, this translates to a whopping 11,606 potential leads redirected to your company's marketing content each month. This positions email signatures as an indispensable marketing channel. It allows you to leverage an asset you already own without incurring any additional costs. Unlike paid ads, where every impression comes with a price, email signatures provide free impressions. Even if your click-through rate dips below 14%, the sheer volume of daily emails from your team ensures a steady flow of free traffic. With its ease of use, fast implementation, and powerful automation features, Scribe makes unlocking the marketing potential of your email signatures possible.

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