Outlook Mac (user without M365 licence)

Follow the steps below to install your signatures in Outlook Mac (user without M365 license)

  • One-click install from Scribe.

  • No need to copy-paste HTML.

  • Each of your teammates has to install the Scribe app on their desktop.

  • Each of your teammates has to log in to the Scribe desktop app.

  • Updates to your Scribe template automatically update team signatures.

This integration is only required for users who don't have a Microsoft 365 license. If you do, use our Microsoft 365 integration to install your Scribe signatures on Outlook for Windows. To deploy the Scribe app to your team centrally see our dedicated article.

For an automated installation, Scribe ensures 24/7 brand consistency. This is achieved by Scribe continuously comparing teammates' signatures to the approved Scribe design. If discrepancies are detected, Scribe automatically triggers a reinstallation of the correct signature design.

How does it work?

1. Download the Scribe Desktop app

Click the "Download App" button in your Scribe account to get the Scribe desktop app.

2. Install the Scribe desktop app

Unzip the app into your Applications folder and then launch it.

3. Login with your Scribe account

Log into the Scribe app just as you do on Scribe's website.

4. Open the signature settings in Outlook for Mac

Open your Outlook app, compose a new email, click on 'Signatures', and then select 'Manage signatures'.

5. Choose as the default signature

Choose your Scribe signature for new messages and for replies/forwards.

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