From which source can I sync my teammates with Scribe?

1. Automated source

You can synchronize your teammates with Scribe in one click using either Google Workspace or Microsoft Azure Active Directory. This offers several advantages:

  • There's no need to manually import your teammates.

  • You don't have to invite your teammates to the Scribe platform individually.

  • You don't have to constantly update their data in Scribe. By syncing Scribe with your email provider, the data remains dynamic. Any updates made in your email provider — whether it's teammates joining or leaving the company or changing job positions — will automatically be reflected in Scribe.

Rest assured, Scribe is SOC2 Type II compliant, ensuring the safety of your data.

2. Manual source

If you are not using a business email provider such as Google Workspace or Microsoft Azure Active Directory, you have the following options:

  1. Import your teammates and their data into Scribe using a CSV. Note that the data for your teammates will be static. Since the source won't be synchronized, you'll have to update any changes manually in Scribe by either editing your teammate's profile manually or updating a new CSV in Scribe.

  2. Invite your teammates to join Scribe via email Your teammates will receive an invitation to join Scribe. After registering using their invitation, they will only have access to their profile, where they can add missing information and install their signature.

The more you invite users to Scribe with this manual method, the greater the risk of inconsistent branding, as more individuals will be involved in the process. The data for your teammates will remain static. Since there won't be synchronization with a source, your teammates will have to manually update any changes in Scribe by editing their profiles.

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