How can I auto-assign teammates to a Scribe department?

To save significant time, particularly when dealing with hundreds or thousands of users, you can automatically assign teammates to Scribe departments, ensuring they receive the appropriate signature without any input from them.

To achieve this, create a rule using attributes from your email provider or HR system.

1. Create a condition Identify the value within a specific attribute you want to target, which will allow you to group teammates.

2. Select the department Choose the department where you want the filtered teammates to belong. Once assigned, they will automatically receive the relevant signature.

3. Create the rules After setting up a rule, Scribe will handle everything automatically. When teammates join, change roles, or leave your company, their signatures will update in real time.

If a teammate leaves the company, they will be removed from their Scribe department. As a result, their signature will also be deleted, and your next invoice will be reduced accordingly.

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