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Can I add a GIF in my email signature?

Add GIF in your email signature

Scribe supports the inclusion of GIFs (animated images) in your email signature. GIFs are especially effective when used for logos or promotional banners.
You can upload a GIF with a maximum size of 5MB. Example of GIF that you can add in your email signatures with the Scribe logo:

Why GIF in email signature?

Visual Engagement
The dynamic nature of GIFs captures the recipient's attention immediately, making them more engaging than static images.

Conveys Emotion and Tone
GIFs can convey emotions, humor, and tone in a way that text or static images can't. For instance, a GIF showcasing your team's celebrations or behind-the-scenes moments can instill a sense of community and culture.

Higher Click-Through Rates
According to our data, the Click Through Rate for GIFs is three times higher than for static images.

Showcases Brand Personality
GIFs offer a unique opportunity to showcase your brand's personality. Whether it's playful, professional, innovative, or something else entirely, a GIF can communicate this in seconds.

Highlights Promotions and Offers
For businesses, a GIF in an email signature can serve as a dynamic promotional banner. It can highlight special offers, new product launches, or upcoming events in a visually appealing manner.

Most modern email clients support GIFs, ensuring that your dynamic content will be seen as intended by the majority of your recipients.

GIFs can convey a lot of information without taking up too much space. Instead of embedding a video or multiple static images, a single GIF can serve the same purpose more efficiently.


While GIFs offer many advantages, it's also essential to use them judiciously. Overwhelming an email signature with too many animated elements can be distracting. It's also vital to ensure the GIF's file size remains manageable, as large files can slow down email loading times or not display correctly on all devices.

Updated on: 13/10/2023

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