Google Workspace Directory

Here are the scopes we ask for when syncing your Google Workspace Directory with Scribe:

1. Needed to sync your co-worker list:

2. Needed to sync your departments:

3. Needed to sync your domains:

4. Needed to sync user custom attributes created in Google Workspace: You can find what each scope gives access to on the following page:

From those scopes, here is the data we store in Scribe

  • Profile picture

  • First name

  • Surname

  • Job position

  • Mobile phone

  • Home phone

  • Work phone

  • Home address

  • Work address

  • Other address

  • Organization unit

  • Custom attributes values

  • Group names and memberships

  • Organization unit names and memberships

  • Domains hostname

Scribe has read-only access to all user/department/domain data. We cannot edit data in your Google Workspace or read your emails. Scribe is SOC II type 2 compliant.

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