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Can I add a promotional banner in my email signature?

Add a promotional banner to your email signatures

With Scribe, you can easily add a promotional banner to your email signatures. You can resize the banner to fit your preference and associate it with a link to direct traffic to a dedicated landing page. Scribe supports PNG, JPEG, and GIF formats up to 5MB.

Using promotional banner in email signatures can be both used for inbound and outbound purposes.

Inbound Use Cases

Content Promotion: Highlight a recent blog post, eBook, or whitepaper to drive traffic to your content resources.
Event Announcements: Share information about upcoming webinars, workshops, or conferences that your company is hosting or attending.
Product Launches: Announce a new product or feature release to generate interest and encourage users to check it out.
Customer Testimonials: Showcase a brief customer testimonial or case study to build trust and credibility.
Promotions and Discounts: Share limited-time offers or discounts on your products or services.
Newsletter Signup: Encourage recipients to sign up for your company newsletter or email updates.
Feedback and Surveys: Request feedback about a recent purchase or interaction, or invite users to participate in a survey.
Awards and Recognitions: Showcase awards or recognitions that your company or product has recently received.

Outbound Use Cases

Cold Outreach: Add a banner promoting a value proposition or a free trial to encourage potential clients or customers to explore your offering.
Follow-ups After Networking Events: After meeting potential clients or partners at events, use banners in your follow-up emails to share more about your company or services.
Sales Proposals: When sending out proposals, include a banner that emphasizes the unique selling points or benefits of your product/service.
Job Recruitment: If you're reaching out to potential job candidates, use a banner to showcase the perks of working at your company or any job fairs you'll be attending.
Partnership Outreach: When emailing potential business partners, use banners to highlight successful case studies or partnerships.
Press Releases: When sending press releases to journalists, include a banner highlighting key company achievements or upcoming events.
Product Demos: If you're reaching out to leads to schedule product demos, include a banner showcasing a teaser or highlight of what they can expect.
Affiliate Programs: Promote your affiliate or referral program to potential partners or existing customers.

Remember, the key to an effective promotional banner is to ensure that it aligns with the purpose of the email, is visually appealing, and has a clear call-to-action. Additionally, it's beneficial to regularly update your banners to keep them relevant and fresh.

Custom attributes on promotional banner

If you wish to assign a unique link to the promotional banners in each teammate's signature, create a custom attribute in Scribe. This feature allows you to auto-fill signature information using external data sources, eliminating the need to manually request each teammate to set it up.

There are two types of sources for attributes:

External sources: This data comes from external systems, like your email provider or HR software. If any information is missing in the signatures, you'll need to update it directly in that system.

Internal source: This data is sourced within Scribe. You input information manually either on a teammate's profile page or by uploading a CSV file.

For this purpose, you'd probably use Scribe as the data source, since companies typically don't store promotional banner links in their email provider or HR systems. After creating a custom attribute in Scribe named "promotional banner," add that attribute to the link field of your promotional banner within the Scribe signature editor.

Next, upload a CSV file to Scribe containing each teammate's specific link, ensuring that the "promotional banner" attribute assigns the correct link to every signature.

Updated on: 17/10/2023

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