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Google Workspace (Gmail)

Integration type: Automated installation - Cloud app - One click installation from admin - Synced signatures

This integration works for Google Workspace users, not standalone Gmail accounts.

You have to be SuperAdmin of your Google Workspace to set-up the integration.

For automated installation, Scribe ensures 24/7 brand consistency. This is achieved by Scribe continuously comparing teammates' signatures to the approved Scribe design. If discrepancies are detected, Scribe automatically triggers a reinstallation of the correct signature design.


When I move a user in Google Workspace to another group, does the user automatically move to the appropriate Scribe department?

What happens when I deactivate a user license in my Google Workspace?
When you deactivate a license for a user in your email provider, the user's signature will be removed from Scribe as well as from your subscription.

Updated on: 17/01/2024

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