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How can I auto-fill my teammates' email signature information?

Auto-fill teammates's email signatures

To save you a lot of time and avoid asking your teammates for input when creating their signatures, we've introduced what we call attributes.
Attributes help auto-fill your teammates' signature information using either external or internal data sources.

Below, we'll explain:

Data sources
Creating a custom attribute
Fixing missing data

1. Data sources

External sources

An attribute is orange when the data comes from an external source. Your teammates' signature information is auto-filled from this source. If any information is missing, you'll need to update it directly at that source.

You can sync the following platforms with Scribe as external data sources to auto-fill your teammates' signatures:
Bamboo HR

If you don't see your HR system in the list, ask us in the chat.

Internal source

An attribute is grey when it uses Scribe as its data source. You'll need to manually enter your teammates' information on their profile page or upload a CSV to complete their signatures.

2. Create a custom attribute

Beyond the 5 default attributes that Scribe provides:
First name
Last name
Job title
Work phone number
Mobile phone number

You can also create custom attributes. Creating a new attributes works as follow:

Create a new attribute
For example, create an attribute named “Book a Demo” for your sales team. This way, each member automatically receives the appropriate calendar link associated with their signature.

Select a source for the data
Choose where Scribe should retrieve the link for each calendar, whether from an external (synced) source or an internal (manual) one.

Match the information
Match the correct field in your data source with the custom attribute you've just set up.

3. Fix missing data

To rectify missing data, you have four options, depending on whether the information originates from an external source (like an email provider or third-party tool) or an internal source (Scribe):

External sources options
Update your email provider. Modify your teammates' details in your email provider to keep their signature information current.

Enrich information with an external source

Fill in any gaps by linking to a third-party source where your teammates' data is accurate.

Internal sources options
CSV. Upload a CSV containing your teammates' missing details. Remember, this data will be static, not dynamic. This means you'll need to re-upload the CSV if changes are required.

Invite your teammates. Your teammates will receive an invitation to join your Scribe workspace and adjust their signature with personal details. They'll only see their signature and won't access the rest of your workspace. However, this approach may reduce Scribe's automation efficiency. The more individuals are part of the setup, the harder it might be to maintain brand consistency.

Updated on: 17/10/2023

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