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How does it work?

The promise of Scribe is :

100% automation
No actions required from your teammates.
10 minutes set-up.

To deliver this value the automation power of Scribe is built around 3 key components:

Signature template

These 3 components are working hands in hands to allow you to install and update your email signatures in one click across your team.

Step 1. Create your email signatures

1. Choose signature template

Modern email signature templates that you can customize to align with your brand's aesthetics.
You discover our email signatures template gallery on our homepage.

2. Customize template

Easily customize your template using Scribe no code design builder.

3. Add marketing elements

Add call to actions and promotional banners to your signature to promote your brand.

Step 2. Install your signatures

1. Create department

Create department with their own signatures template to get a tailored marketing messages.

2. Sync teammates

Synchronize teammates from your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 account then assign them to their respective department. Note that only the Super admin of your email provider can perform this action.

3. Auto-fill signatures

Automatically fill your teammates signatures syncing data from your email provider or HR tool. Scribe is integrated with the following platforms:

Google Workspace
Microsoft 365
Bamboo HR

Others platforms can be integrated on demand. Ask for it on our chat. Learn more about auto-filling email signatures in our dedicated article.

4. Install Scribe add-on

Install the Scribe cloud-based add-on to install in one click signatures across your teammates email clients. The add-on can be installed from the Google Workspace marketplace or Microsoft AppSource depending on which email provider you are using. (video) Learn more on our dedicated articles.

Step 3. Unlock a new marketing channel

1. Deploy marketing elements

Thanks to this new automation layer, updating your team's email signatures with call-to-action and banners is just one click away.

2. Iterate based on data

Look at Scribe's analytics to see the conversion rate for each marketing element within your signatures.

3. Plan marketing campaigns

Schedule marketing campaigns to auto-update your signatures for product launches, webinars, or events. Campaigns ends, signature reverts.

Updated on: 23/10/2023

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