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How does the Scribe email signature editor work?

Scribe signature editor

The Scribe email signature editor is designed to help you create a beautiful, modern email signature quickly, without any need for design or coding skills. You can start with one of our templates and then easily customize your email signature directly within the editor's canvas.

The editor is organized around 3 main areas.

1. Left Panel

Here, you will find various blocks that you can drag and drop onto the canvas to build your signature. These blocks are divided into four categories:

Primarily text and links to introduce yourself and your company.

Pertains to logos, promotional banners, and any other images you might want to add.

Transform your email signature into a marketing channel. This includes call-to-action buttons, promotional banners, social icons, and App Store and Google Play store buttons. If you need additional elements, please let us know via chat.

This aids in building the structure of your email signature.

The styles of each block in the left panel can be customized.

2. Canvas

This is where you edit and visualize your signature in real-time. You can compose your signature just as you would edit a regular text document. Each row can easily be duplicated, deleted, or rearranged. Text within the canvas can be styled directly or converted into links and attributes to auto-fill your teammates signatures.

3. Top Bar

Located above the canvas, this allows you to adjust global elements of your signature with just a few clicks, such as font, colors, spacing, and width.

You can quickly switch templates by clicking on your template image located at the top right of your screen.

Additionally, the "Preview" button lets you see your signature as it would appear when sending an email. You can preview the signature on both desktop and mobile. For a more personalized view, enter any teammate's name to preview what their signature might look like.

Updated on: 18/10/2023

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