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Fill Out Your Teammates' Email Signature Information - Invite Teammates

If you don't have up-to-date data for your teammates in either your email provider (Google Workspace or Microsoft Azure Active Directory) or in your HR systems, you can invite your teammates to join the Scribe platform. This allows them to manually add the missing details to their email signature.

Note: This data will be static, not dynamic. If changes are needed in the future (e.g., a new job position, phone number, etc.), each teammate will need to manually edit their email signature. Relying on individual updates may reduce Scribe's automation efficiency. The more individuals are involved in the setup, the harder it might be to maintain brand consistency.

After inviting your teammates, they will receive an invitation to join your Scribe workspace and update their signature with personal details. They'll only have access to their signature and won't be able to view the rest of your workspace.

To invite teammates in Scribe, follow the steps below

1. Go to the "Team" tab and click on teammates

2. Select teammates from the table and click on the letter icon labeled "Invite to Join Scribe."

3. Click on "Send Invitation."

Your teammates will then receive an invitation in their mailbox containing instructions on how to edit their email signature in Scribe, starting from the signature template you created for them.

Updated on: 18/10/2023

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