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What is a workspace in Scribe?


There are 2 types of workspaces in Scribe: Solo and Company. When you set up a workspace in your Scribe account, we'll prompt you to choose the type of workspace you need.

This setup allows you to maintain one workspace for a solo account—perfect for signatures used in personal email clients—and another workspace tailored for your professional emails provider and their associated signatures.

Note that only one email provider, such as Google Workspace or Microsoft Azure Active Directory, can be linked per Scribe workspace.


The Solo account is ideal for users who only require a single email signature, such as freelancers, students, and solo founders. The interface and features of the Solo account are streamlined, ensuring that users aren't overwhelmed by options more suited for larger organizations.


This option is designed for those who need to manage the email signatures of an entire team. The interface is equipped with features that simplify the management of email signatures for hundreds or even thousands of employees.

No matter your choice, you can establish multiple workspaces in your Scribe account, all under centralized billing. This flexibility caters to various use cases, such as:

Manage email signatures for multiple clients, each in a separate workspace within one Scribe account.

Similar to the agency model, consultants can oversee email signatures for various clients, all within one account.

Parent Company:
Centralize the management of email signatures across diverse brands and subsidiary companies, all within a single Scribe account.

Updated on: 18/10/2023

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