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Why did my invoice increase from last year?

If you've noticed an increase in your invoice from the previous year, it's crucial to understand the primary factors driving that change. Here's a breakdown:

1. User count adjustment

Your invoice accounts for:
The users added during the year.
The number of users you plan to have for the upcoming year.

For instance, if you had initially subscribed to Scribe with 200 users on our Business plan, your estimated yearly billing at $1.60 per user per month would total $3,840 ($320 monthly x 12 months).

Now, let's say during the course of the year you added 50 more users to your Scribe account. This increase in users would affect your upcoming invoice.

For the 50 new users, at $1.60 per user per month, the yearly cost would be an additional $960 ($80 monthly x 12 months).

Therefore, your total invoice for the upcoming year, considering the initial 200 users plus the added 50 users, would be $4,800 ($3,840 + $960).

2. How users are counted

It's important to note that all users assigned to departments in Scribe are counted as paid users, even if they haven't installed their signatures. This means if someone is assigned to a department but doesn't use or install their Scribe signature, they still count towards your total.

If teammates assigned to your Scribe department don't have signatures installed when they should, please refer to our troubleshooting article about email signatures not installing.

How can you verify this?
In your Scribe settings, under the "Billing" tab, you'll find the total user count for billing. A warning will be displayed if the number of teammates assigned to a department does not match the number of signatures installed. For more information about signature installation issues, please refer to this article.

3. Reducing Your Invoice

If you're looking to reduce your invoice amount, here are the steps to follow:

Review Each Department
Go through every department and identify teammates without installed signatures. Remember, teammates with assigned departments but without an installed signature still count as paid users.

Check Installation Status
In each department, under the 'status' tab, there's an 'installation status' column. Look for users with a red "Not installed" status. These are the users you might consider removing if they are no longer active or using their Scribe signatures. You can also use the Scribe filter to isolate in one click users with no installed signatures.

Remove Users
To remove a user, navigate to the 'teammates' tab of the respective department. Here, you'll find a trash icon next to the user's name. Clicking this will remove the teammates from the department.

Review Your Invoice
After making adjustments, visit the "Subscription" tab in your Scribe settings again. Your invoice will adjust in real time to show the updated anticipated charges. If the warning banner disappeared, it means you’re all set.

Updated on: 18/10/2023

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