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Why Scribe for my email signature?

Stop wasting your teammates' time and yours by manually configuring their email signatures.

Without ScribeWith Scribe
Manual process with less than 50% success rateAutomated process with 100% success rate
Drag-and-drop no code editor for easy email signature creation.NoYes
Custom signature for different departments/regionsNoYes
Central signature installation and updates in one clickNoYes
No action needed from teammatesNoYes
Compatibility with all email clients and browsersNoYes
Guaranteed 100% installation rate and brand consistencyNoYes
Leverage email signatures as a marketing channelNoYes
Analytics to track conversion rate of your email signature marketing elementsNoYes
Schedule marketing campaigns in email signaturesNoYes

What's Scribe?

Updated on: 23/10/2023

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