Step 1 - Go to your Scribe settings and click on the "Domains" menu.

Your domains have already been imported from your email provider.

Step 2 - Click on the pencil icon and add a sending domain of your choice.

You have to do that for each active domain.

Step 3 - Configure your DNS

To do that, you need to add a CNAME record in your domain DSN zone (GoDaddy, Gandy, Cloudflare, AWS Route 53, OHV, ...)


This is the configuration we did for Scribe in CloudFlare:

  1. Go to your host provider

  2. For Cloudflare click on the DNS tab

  3. In Name write any value like → signature-assets

  4. In Target write →

You can check the propagation of your DNS in your Scribe settings or on the link below:

Cloudflare only:

  • Make sure to have DNS only in Proxy Status.

  • Make sure to disable CNAME flattening.

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