This article will cover the 5 following topics about co-workers attributes:

  1. Add co-worker attributes

  2. Missing co-worker's attributes

  3. Edit co-worker data manually

  4. Create co-worker attribute

  5. Manage co-worker attribute

Why co-worker's attributes?

Co-workers' attributes give you, even more, control and automation power to manage signatures in your company as an admin. Instead of inviting your co-worker on Scribe to add their personal information such as:

First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Address, Phone number

You can automatically sync this information from your email provider (Google Workspace, Office 365) or upload data in bulk to Scribe.

This means as an admin you control every step of the management of your company's signatures without having to ask for any input from your co-workers.


For Scribe to be able to find these data make sure to have them in your email provider. Once the configuration is ready in your email provider you will save a lot of time in the management of email signatures for your company.

1. Add co-worker attributes

You can add co-worker attributes in the signature template of any of your departments by clicking on the grey icon at the end of each field:

When you click on it the following modal show up:

In this modal above we can see that for the value name, first name, last name, job position, and phone number, Scribe automatically sync co-workers' personal information from your email provider.

2. Missing co-worker's attributes

The number in the last column, 17 in this example, means that 17 co-workers out of 17 have their personal information in your email provider.

If it's not the case, for co-worker addresses, for example, you have 2 options.

  1. Go to your email provider and add the missing data there

  2. Add the missing data directly in Scribe as you can see in the screenshot below:

Once you are on your co-worker list you can upload the missing data in bulk by uploading a CSV.

3. Edit co-worker data manually

If you need to edit only a selected number of co-workers' information and don't want to upload a CSV you can click on the user icon with the pen to open the co-worker information contact card then edit manually the information needed.

4. Create co-worker attribute

Let's say you want to add the Hubspot calendar link for each member of your sales team in the call to action "Book a demo" of your signature department. You have to make sure that each person has the right link in his email signature.

You can do so by clicking on the "create custom attributes" button to open the following modal:

The following modal open:

In this example, we can add the following information

  • Name of the co-worker attribute = Hubspot

  • Slug = the ID of the attribute which will be automatically generated

  • Data source = Choose which source you want to sync the attribute from. Either your email provider or Scribe.

    Once the attribute is created you will find it in your co-worker's attribute list:

Now can you add this Hubspot custom attribute in the URL of your sales team call to action "Book a demo". By doing so it will automatically match the right Hubspot calendar URL with the right user signature:

Now that you created the co-worker attribute Hubspot calendar you need to add the corresponding data in Scribe. In this case the Hubspot calendar link for each co-worker. To do so you have 2 options as we saw before:

  1. Go to your co-worker's list and upload a CSV to add the data in bulk

  2. Go to your co-worker list and add the data manually by clicking on edit co-worker

5. Manage Co-worker attributes

To add, sync, edit, or delete co-worker attribute, go to your Scribe settings then click on the co-worker attribute tab:

Sync co-worker attribute

By default, your email provider is set as the default data source to sync with Scribe. For example first and last name in the screenshot below means that Scribe is not allowed to override these data. Your email provider is defined as the default data source.

When you edit a co-worker contact you can see that this data are not active

If you want to change the data source choose Scribe as the default one then select "First name".

After performing this change you can see that the field first name and last name previously inactive are now editable:

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