This article is for the following use cases:

  • You are using email providers which are not Google Workspace or Office 365 such as Gmail Thunderbird etc ...Which means they are not synced with Scribe to automatically match and update information.

  • You want to install the HTML code of your Scribe signature in a third-party tool. (Hubspot, Zendesk, etc ...)

  • You are using Google Workspace and Office 365 but still want to invite your co-workers on Scribe to ask them to add their personal information.

The invitation flow works as follows:

1. Email invitation is sent

They received an email invitation from you with a call to action to install their signature.

2. Log in to their Scribe account

They are redirected to Scribe to log into their account. They only have access to their signature and analytics tab.

3. Personalize signature

They can add their personal information such as first name, last name etc ...

4. Install signature

They install their signature from their signature tab by clicking on the install button. Or click on the button copy HTML to install the signature in a third-party tool.


You don't need to send invitations to your co-workers if you are using Google workspace & Office 365 to add their personal information thanks to custom attributes. Learn more about custom attributes here.

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