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How to edit co-workers' personal information?
How to edit co-workers' personal information?

For admin to edit the personal information of your co-workers

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Connecting your email provider (Google Workspace, Office 365) to Scribe automatically matches the right personal information of a co-worker to its signature thanks to custom attributes.

Now let's say one co-worker has a new job title but you didn't change this data in your email provider. So its signature is not updated with his new job title as Scribe is reading first the data from your email provider. To change this information you can go to the Co-worker tab

In the column "Action" click on the edit icon to open the profile of your co-worker.

Here you able to edit the information of this user and save it to update its signature.

Note that if you want to update co-workers personal information in bulk instead of doing it in your email provider you can upload a CSV in Scribe.

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