Import your co-workers data from BambooHR

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The BambooHR integration allows you to automatically sync your BambooHR employee data with your Scribe co-workers.

Go to your Scribe settings and click on the BambooHR integration box

  1. Enter your BambooHR subdomain

  2. Enter your BambooHR API key

  3. Optionally enter a report ID

  4. Click on Save

Why a report ID is needed?

The default BambooHR integration gives access to basic attributes (first name, last name, ...) If you need more attributes such as custom fields that you created in Bamboo, you have to create a custom report in BambooHR and enter the report ID in your Scribe integration settings. To create a report, you can follow this BambooHR how-to.

The work email field should be present in the Bamboo report so that we are able to match your BambooHR employees with your Scribe co-workers.

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